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8 Unknown facts about the King of Pop: Michael Jackson

8 Unknown facts about the King of Pop: Michael Jackson August 29, 2019Leave a comment

One of the greatest entertainer that the music industry has ever produced. Michael Jackson is a one of kind talent that we may never be able to witness again. The King of Pop, the man who brought the crazy trend of moonwalks and a voice that we all fell in love with.

He’s done it all in life and was very much open about everything. Controversial or not he was the trendsetter. Here are some interesting unknown facts about Michael Jackson that you might not know.

1-His father was a boxer

Michael Jackson’s father was also as talented as he is. He was a guitarist and a boxer. He used to work as a steelworker to provide for his family. Michael had a big family with 5 brothers and 3 sisters.

2-Went through a Disturbing Childhood

Michael had a rough relationship with his father. He revealed in an interview that his father would beat him and his brothers with a strap without having any regrets about it.

3-Accident while shooting for Pepsi

Michael was severely injured while shooting for an ad for Pepsi. The accident caused severe burns on his face and scalp. As he was very conscious about his looks, he went on to perform many plastic surgeries on his face.

4-Most awarded artist

He is the most decorated artist with a total of 40 Billboard awards, 13 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards, and 23 Guinness world records.

5- Died without paying his debts

Michael had assets worth 1 Billion dollars at the time of his death. He also had 500 million dollars in debts which were unpaid.

6-Wanted to live for 150 years

Michael had one straight goal in his life and that was to live for 150 years. He also made a customized medical chamber where he would breathe 100% Oxygen which is 79% more than the normal concentration in the air.

7-Top-Earning dead celebrity

Even death didn’t stop the showstopper in earning money as he is the top-earning celebrity who is not alive.

8- He luckily escaped the 9/11 attacks

The day when the twin towers were attacked in America, Michael Jackson had an appointment in the towers which he missed because he overslept.

We all wish that Michael was alive and kept entertaining us like he always did but fate has different plans for all of us. Those were the days! RIP