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Why Chandrayaan-2 is a HUGE success for India, no matter Contact or Not? Some Insights…

Why Chandrayaan-2 is a HUGE success for India, no matter Contact or Not? Some Insights… September 8, 2019Leave a comment

Who does not want to go to the Moon? Every romantic person is obsessed with the moon and its beauty and every intellectual free-thinking human wants to know what is out there, on the moon.From being an object of Immense beauty to being a satellite, every human on this earth has some or the other interest in the Moon.

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And of course governments and scientists cannot be left far off, as from the last 100 years they have been launching mission after mission to reach the Moon and study its atmosphere and terrain. Recently, ISRO, our Indian team of scientists and engineers achieved a commendable feat of launching Chandrayaan – 2 and more so in the wake of support from PM Modi. However, on 7th Sep early morning the Vikram Lander lost contact within 2.1 km to the Moon’s surface.

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All of India was saddened by the news of possible failure of the mission, ISRO chairman K Sivan broke down into tears. But all is not lost, as the mission achieved 90% of its objectives and NASA declared that for a young Free country like India, it did great.

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Let’s look at why Chandrayaan-2 mission for India is actually a HUGE success rather than a failure:

1. Of the 109 lunar missions till date, 60 were ‘successful’ as per NASA’. ISRO issued a statement saying nearly 95% of Chandrayaan-2’s mission objectives have been achieved and NASA has put this 110th moon mission by India in its successful list.

2. Out of so many countries in the world, India ranks 5th as a country who actually even has Moon missions, and that’s a big feat to achieve.

3. From 2009-2019, 10 moon missions were launched out of which 5 have been sent out by India. Kudos to our Scientists and ISRO for this success

4. If the Lander makes a Soft landing on the Moon, then India will become the 1st Country to do so on the South Pole of the Moon and the 4th Country to have this successful space mission.

There is still no official confirmation, however for India and rest of the World, ISRO has already become a Hero, they are already successful for us Indians and NASA applauds them too!

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