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Ever heard of Pregnancy Tourism in India – We give you the Truth and Deets inside

Ever heard of Pregnancy Tourism in India – We give you the Truth and Deets inside September 3, 2019Leave a comment

India is a country of architectural marvels and unique wonders. The culture, languages and traditions are most sought after around the world, but there are a few places which are famous for wonders, such as Coorg for its Coffee Tours, Goa for its Beach tours, Mysore for its silk and sandalwood tours and Ladakh as a Biker’s Paradise. But Ladakh is also famous for one unique attraction, which became known in recent times, known as ‘Pregnancy Tourism’!

Yes, you heard that right, Ladakh is also known for ‘Pregnancy Tourism’. What is it and How it got its name is what we dive into now.


The villagers of a small town in Ladakh, called “Dah” claim to be the descendants of King Alexander, The Great, which means they classify as the “Pure Blooded – Aryans”. They have been whispers and rumours of many women from Europe who travel all the way here, Just to get impregnated by the so-called Pure Aryan men of Dah.

Shocked! Don’t be, as the Aryan race is also the most sought after bloodline till date in the world. Right from the Russians who claim to have it, to the white eyebrowed Germans, all want to belong to this Bloodline. This clarifies why European women will travel all the way to the hilly terrain of Ladakh and to this remote offbeat Village of Dah.


When investigated if the rumours of European women who come to Ladakh to have children with Aryan men, it turned out to be just a story which every person had simply heard of but never seen it happening for sure.

With their honey light eyes and hair, their claims might be justified however if we breakdown the fact of Aryan Race, turns out that ‘Aryan’ is not a Race. In Hinduism, it is simply a term that in Sanskrit means ārya meaning “honourable, respectable, noble”. And infact this is also elaborately mentioned in the Vedas.


The villagers in Dah actually confirmed that they have only heard such stories but never seen it happen in the last 100 years, so a timeline as huge as 100 years is enough to state the fact that ‘Pregnancy Tourism’ in Ladakh is a Myth.