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7 Most ‘Powerful’ and Unique Selfies EVER taken!

7 Most ‘Powerful’ and Unique Selfies EVER taken! September 27, 2019Leave a comment

‘Selfie’, a word uttered by every millennial atleast 100 times in a day. Yeah! NO KIDDING, Selfie’s are the “IT” word in parties and gatherings, as nowadays who wants to give the camera in someone else’s hand. It’s always better to click a ‘Selfie’. A step further, would be to use the various apps to beautify and edit your selfie…And Whoa! Everyone looks picture perfect, no flaws whatsoever.

And incase you don’t know what it means to post a Selfie with a celebrity or one which will make everyone go Wow..! on Instagram, Twitter etc, then obviously you are living under a Rock ( one from the stone ages)

So without delay, let’s look at the 7 Most Powerful Unique Selfies taken till date:


1. The Most “Powerful Selfie”

Satvik Hegde is the boy who got himself “the most powerful selfie” with none other than 2 powerful men in one frame, PM Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump. The now famous selfie was clicked during the “Howdy, Modi” event in Houston, USA and since then the boy has been hailed as ” the Lucky boy”.

2. Astronaut or Space Selfie


The first non-phone camera ‘selfie’ taken was in space by NASA astronaut, Buzz Aldrin and that too in 1966. This first ever Space Selfie fetched 6 K pounds at an auction.

3. Oscar Selfie


In the 2014 Oscars, host Ellen DeGeneres walked into the crowd and took this ‘Oscar Selfie’ with the world’s biggest stars. From Bradley Cooper to Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts to Meryl Streep, this was definitely one of the most shared selfies ever.

4. PM Squad Selfie


Hindi film actors Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, and directors Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi alongwith many of the Bollywood fraternity for a Nation Building Meet. “Together we would love to inspire and ignite positive changes to a transformative India,” posted alongside a squad selfie with Modi.

5. Monkey Selfie


David Slater, a wildlife photographer, was visiting a national park in Indonesia. He was adjusting his camera and left it on the ground for a while, and decided to check the light from a distance. What happened next was, a group of Black Macaque Monkeys soon approached the camera and one of the monkeys pressed some button and whoa! An awesome first ever Monkey selfie was born.

6. Obama Selfie


Now this was clearly an Obama Selfie featuring President Barack Obama and 2 other politicians. What was special, it was the American President’s Selfie taken at the Mandela memorial service, and tweets flowed in to troll him on this one. Clearly this one was popular for all the Wrong reasons though…

7. Pope Selfie


The first ever “Papal selfie” was Pope posing with his young fans at the Vatican.

Surely, Selfie is a huge fad around the world now, and these 7 selfies are most popular out of all the selfies till date.