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6 Sridevi Movies that will Live with us Forever

6 Sridevi Movies that will Live with us Forever August 13, 2019Leave a comment

Gone But not forgotten, A legend that changed the perspective of women in Indian cinema. Sridevi rose into stardom for the beauty and elegance that she brought into screens with some exceptional acting which was appreciated more than her fellow co-stars.

People leave this world leaving a mark on us and these movies from Sridevi will live with us forever.


A movie where Sridevi outshined the brilliance of Kamal Hasan. Sridevi’s plays a mentally challenged character which has to be precise and she has lived up to it with some outstanding acting skills.

Mr. India

A movie that belongs to Anil Kapoor and its intriguing plot, but Sridevi’s presence added even more elegance to the movie and fans went gaga over the songs Kaate nahi katate and Hawa Hawai.

English Vinglish

A comeback like never before. It had been years since Sridevi was seen on the big screens as she was more focused to spend time with her family. In 2012 Sridevi made her comeback with the movie English Vinglish and the movie was well appreciated all around the world and went on to grab a few awards as well.


A suspense/thriller movie that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Sridevi won over the audience with a movie that had an important message along with its thrilling plot. She is proof that talent has no age.


As the name suggests, Sridevi took on the role of a Shapeshifting Snake. The movie is as interesting as it sounds and nobody could have donned the role better than Sridevi.


A typical Yash Chopra movie with a drama written all over it. Sridevi brings us romance with a twist with Lamhe. The movie went on to win the best movie award and made huge numbers at the box office.

It’s unfortunate that we lost such a great talent so early but her legacy shall live on through her daughters Jhanvi and Khushi.