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Let’s Patch Up! Here are 5 Ways you can win back your Ex..

Let’s Patch Up! Here are 5 Ways you can win back your Ex.. November 1, 2019Leave a comment

Ups and downs are a part of a relationship. Sometimes, the time is too rough on us and we end up separating with our loved ones. The post-breakup phase is one of the most difficult phases of our lives. To lose someone who you love and have beautiful moments with becomes difficult to accept the absence.

Here are some ways you can be back with your partner. Let us talk about them now!


1)     Don’t Text Too Much:

Texting too much may irritate them. Since they’ve decided to break up with you, they need space and time. If you text too much, they may feel that you are trying to impose your feelings on them. The best way is to not text at all for a longer period. It is difficult but exercise self-control. If you text them after a very long time, they will talk to you and they will realize your importance in their life. They will realize that they missed you.

Constant texting or calling is too much irritation right after the break-up.

Give them time and space.


2)  Ask Them Out After Sometime:

You have to give it sometime when they decide to separate from you. Give it at least 15 days’ time and then politely ask them out for a dinner date. Do not talk about the break up while you’re on date. Do not ask them to patch up. Let them be however they want to be with you. While you’re on a date just discuss the good times you’ve had together. Don’t talk negative, don’t make it an emotional moment where you end up crying. Talk as good as you can.


3) Show Them You Are Strong:

The best way to gain them back is by showing that you are independent even without them.

It’s human psychology, somewhere every human has sadism hidden in them. They want to see how much you miss them and how much you still love them. The moment you show that you are strong enough to let them go, they’ll realize that they may lose you. Make them realise that you are strong to deal with it.


4) Pretend That You Are Ready To Let Them Go:

When you show them that you are strong enough to let them go, it causes insecurity in them. They lay feel that they may be at a loss. They would feel that they are not important in your life anymore. Just by showing that you are strong enough to let them go can reverse the game!


5)     Optimism:

Have faith in Law of Attraction. Be positive about your patch up. A positive attitude matters a lot.  Having a positive approach can change a lot of things in your mind and how you perceive things. Think good and be positive. Whatever happens, happens for a good reason.


The given above 5 points are the ways of patching up with your partner. But if someone has simply decided to walk away, no methods can bring them back to you. Probably because you have someone better coming in your life. Life doesn’t stop when someone decides to leave. Let them go if they want to, you have something better in your life!