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This Country Has the Strangest Laws Which Will Make You Glad You Live in India!

This Country Has the Strangest Laws Which Will Make You Glad You Live in India! May 31, 2019Leave a comment

‘What happens in North Korea, stays in North Korea.’ Known to be the world’s most secretive country, North Korea often makes international headlines for its strange policies. Many of its laws are a direct violation of basic human rights, and the government regulates everything from what people see to what hairstyle they get.

1) The Internet:

People have strictly restricted internet access in North Korea. It is primarily used by the government and by foreigners. The government controls which websites people can visit, and there are only around 1,000 to 5,500 such sites.

2) Entertainment:

The government regulates all the content people can watch. ‘Korean Central Television’ is the government-permitted channel that shows documentaries, news, and other shows that praise their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and his father. That’s all there is to it. People are not allowed to watch any foreign films. Doing so may lead to imprisonment for up to 10 years.

3) Punishment for the Whole Family:

People in North Korea need to think thrice, not twice, before committing a crime. The country has a rule that punishes three generations of the accused, from grandparents to children. This is to prevent people from escaping the prisons.

4) The Hairstyle:

The government has approved only 28 hairstyles, and everyone has to choose one from them. All other hairstyles are banned. Spiked hair are exclusively banned, because the government thinks it’s rebellious. The list does not include hairstyle of the country’s leader Kim Jong-un, because he is above law, and he wants to keep it unique.

5) No Public Singing and Sarcasm:

You read that right. Singing at public gatherings and making sarcastic comments about the Supreme Leader and his legacy are strictly a no-no. People are sent to jail for doing it. Any other form of public entertainment is also banned by Kim Jong-un.

If you ever plan to visit North Korea, keep these laws in mind. Of course, there are separate laws for tourists and foreigners, putting various restrictions on them as well.