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5 Promises you should make to your sister This Rakshabandhan

5 Promises you should make to your sister This Rakshabandhan August 14, 2019Leave a comment

Every year Rakshabandhan is celebrated in India as a symbol of a bond between brothers and sisters. The term Rakshabandhan itself suggests ‘a bond of protection’ wherein a brother promises his sister to protect her from all harms and troubles and likewise a sister prays for the well-being of her brother.

With promises come responsibilities and as a responsible brother you should make the following promises to your sister:

1- Respect her privacy

There are things your sister would not want to share with you. The reasons may be relevant or irrelevant but it’s your duty to respect her privacy. Keeping secrets from you does not mean that she doesn’t love you. You will understand and give her some space.

2- Keep her secrets safe

For those times when she does share her secrets with you, you keep them to yourself. It takes courage and trust to share secrets with others and you will promise to keep them safe.

3- You’ll Be there when she needs you

There will be times when you both will be busy with your lives. There will be times when you can’t physically be present for her. Promise her that she will always have your support and you’re just one call away when she needs you.

4- You won’t Judge her

Promise her that you won’t judge her for the mistakes she made. Stand by her and help her to overcome those mistakes. Even when society would judge her for the mistakes she made, you would stand against society and never judge her.

5- You will guide her to the right path

When she has lost her path and confused, you will be the one you would guide her in the right direction. Promise her no matter which path she chooses, you will be there by her side.

Lastly, do not forget to get a gift for her. Because all these promises won’t matter if a good gift is missing.