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5 interesting facts about your favourite Pani puri

5 interesting facts about your favourite Pani puri December 26, 2019Leave a comment

Pani puri is the favorite food among all age groups of Indians. It is not only famous in India, but now people who live in the USA, Canada, and European countries are also enjoying it. Its taste never fails to attract anyone. Today we will talk about some facts about Pani puri.

History: There are many myths about the origin of Panipuri. Some people claim that it was found in the Mahabharat era. While others argue that it is the gift of Rajasthani kings.
Flavor: Well, it comes in spicy and sweet flavor, but now there are many variations of this dish that are available in the market including the alcohol as well.

Costing: Usually you can have it very cheap at less than half of a dollar. It is the cheapest yet most liked street food in India.
Global presence: Panipuri is available in almost every country. Canada, USA, UAE, Asian countries are the most famous countries for Panipuri lovers.
Immunity: It would sound silly, but since panipuri contains coriander, mint and another masala it helps to improve your immunity.