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5 Indigenous Tribes in India and their hidden Culture

5 Indigenous Tribes in India and their hidden Culture July 23, 2019Leave a comment
Indian Tribes

India is home to 1.37 billion people around the world and among these people exist about 104 million who belong to the tribal community. These communities have their own religion, language, food, music, dance that is distinct from the rest of the world. Also known as Adivasiin India, these tribes distance themselves from the rest of the world and do not wish to be contacted. A very few know about these tribes and following are 5 Such communities you should know about.

1- The Gonds Tribe

The Gonds are among the largest tribes in the world found mainly in the Deccan Peninsula Region of India. Also known as ‘Hill People’ they are found in hilly areas of Maharashtra and Orissa. They speak a variety of languages that include Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, and Hindi. Their houses are mostly built of mud and they have guest houses built for visitors who are welcomed with tobacco leaves, fruits, and other small gifts. The snake festival, Naag Panchami is very famous among the Gonds.

2- The Santhal Tribes

One of the largest tribes in India, The Santhal tribes are found in regions of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Assam. The Santhals are known for their bravery and courage as they had waged war against the British in ancient times and also ran a parallel Government. They are largely dependent on agriculture as they live in forests. While the trees and plants fulfill their basic needs, they are also involved in fishing and hunting. The Santhals enjoy dance and it is a major mode of entertainment for them.

3- The Khasi Tribes

Found majorly in parts of Meghalaya, these tribes are also found in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, and Jammu. The Khasi tribes are distinct from all the other tribes as in their culture the descendants are recognized from their mother and not their father. Also, women have more rights as compared to men. Their daily food includes rice with fish and meat and they also enjoy beer made of rice.

4-The Great Andamanese Tribes

The inhabitant in the islands of Andaman, The Great Andamanese Tribes are the largest tribes among the other tribes in that region. The Andamans are forages, while they are mainly dependent on fish, crabs, turtle eggs, etc. They also eat rice, dal chapati, etc. Though they were among the largest population of tribes, their population has drastically gone down and many groups have gone extinct.

5- The Munda Tribes

The Munda Tribes are one of the most highly respected tribes in India as they had their contributions in the pre-independence era against the British. They are mainly situated in parts of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Chhatisgarh, Odisha, and Bihar. About 1/4th of the groups in The Munda tribes are Christians. Some of the Munda Tribes also worship Lord Shiva. They are animal eaters and their food includes frogs, snakes, rats earthworms, etc.

Along with these, there are tons of tribes in every part of India which is unknown to many. They are distinct from us in many ways but they are also like us in many ways.