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5 Diverse Destinations in India where YOU can experience an Unique Diwali Celebration!

5 Diverse Destinations in India where YOU can experience an Unique Diwali Celebration! October 22, 2019Leave a comment

Diwali is obviously One of the most revered and celebrated festivals in India. It is a time for new beginnings, new purchases and a whole lot of family get togethers. However if you wish to do something different this year, then instead of celebrating Diwali in your own City or at your hometown, why not venture out to these 5 amazing destinations, where Diwali celebrations get a unique twist.


We list for you 5 such places to visit, during Diwali, and experience a different and unique kind of celebration. So here are the 5 Offbeat and Unique destinations to visit during Diwali:


1. Varanasi – Fireworks and Ganga aarti

The first stop is Varanasi. The ‘Dev Diwali’ festival here is absolutely famous and sought after, for all the people of this holy City.

  • The thousands of floating diyas or earthen lamps in the Ganga river and a special Ganga Aarti which follows will leave you mesmerized.
  • Dev Diwali festival takes place from the day of diwali till the 15th day post diwali and the banks of the Ganga River and all the temples host a lot of prasad and aarti sessions.

Best Tip: Watch this view on a Boat Ride and you will love the magical view of the amazing banks of the Ganges and the fireworks, from wherever you are in the middle of the river.

2. Goa- Narakasur Vadh


In Goa, the Diwali celebration is really a different one and comes with a twist. If you are thinking that there will be bhajans and prayers, then get prepared to be surprised. The 5 days of Diwali in Goa are celebrated with a lot of pomp and fervour.

  • Instead of bhajans, there is ‘Psychedelic Trance’ music playing on the streets and people dancing.
  • Instead of lighting diyas, they have super fun Parades with huge figures of Narakasura, the demon king, who was killed by Lord Krishna on Narak Chaturdashi.
  • The demon King’s figure is around 20 to 24 feet high and they made of a lot of raw material such as straw and firecrackers are stuffed in them.
  • All these floats and parades finally end at an open Ground, where Narakasura is burnt alongwith a lot of firecrackers.

Best Tip: Hang out at the Panaji city area to witness the parade and floats, as there is where all the action is.

3. ‘Pollution free diwali and laser fireworks show’ in Connaught Place, Delhi


If you are the types who loves Eco Diwali or pollution free Diwali then definitely head to Delhi. Yes! The government has organised and pollution free Diwali at Connaught Place.

  • Now famous as the ‘Illusion of fireworks’ which is the main feature at this govt. organised celebration.
  • The celebration is going to be held for the 4 days of Diwali, where in there will be no firecrackers, and instead a laser show which resembles firecrackers sound and light will be played out for the Visitors to witness.
  • There will be lots of music, dance and variety of sweets and foods to eat in a Dilli Haat type setting. So head to head to Delhi to enjoy this special Illusion of Fireworks Diwali.

Best Tip: Delhi is also concentrating on a ‘community Diwali’ celebration so wear your best attire and take part in various activities organised there.

4. Diwali Pahat Pune – A unique Maharashtrian celebration wherein the musicians and artistes perform for a ‘Free-for-all’ Musical and dance show.


If you’re looking for a Diwali celebration which encourages cultural performances and gives fame to small-time and young singers, artists as well as skits and plays in theatre style, then definitely head to Pune.

  • The Diwali Pahat starts early morning of Diwali and is celebrated for the first 2 days of Diwali.
  • This Tradition dates back 20 years, wherein smaller Pune communities organised Diwali Pahat for their own people and societies.
  • It begins at 6:00 a.m. in the morning and a ceremonial diya or ‘samai’ is Lit by the local politicians or local celebrities.
  • The unique thing about Diwali Pahat is that stage is set up in an open setting and there there is no entry fee as it’s open to all.
  • You can enjoy the music, the arts and the cultural songs and stories for free.

Best Tip: This year, Pune will be hosting 150 Diwali pass across the city make sure you be there for at least one this Diwali.

5. Lakhs of Diya lightings in Ayodhya

If you want to see a world record being made, then head to Ayodhya. Obviously Ayodhya is Ram Janmabhoomi and this place is steeped more in the Diwali history than any other place in India.

  • This is the very place where Lord Rama returned along with his wife Sita from from Lanka after 14 years and which is why actually the entire city of Ayodhya celebrates the return of the king and queen.
  • This year, Ayodhya will create a World Record by lighting over 5 lakh Diyas or earthern lamps, as part of the Deepawali deepotsav.
  • All these are the Lamps will be lit around the Banks of River Sharayu.

Best Tip: The cultural programs will be held on all 3 Days of the celebrations and will include many Ramleela performances, not only from Indian artists, but by groups from Thailand, Indonesia, and Nepal, each performing their own versions of Ramleela.


So these are the 5 Unique destinations to experience Diwali like never before and well worth a visit atleast Once in a lifetime!