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10 Selfies-10 different Avatars of Ranveer Singh

10 Selfies-10 different Avatars of Ranveer Singh July 24, 2019Leave a comment
Ranveer Singh

Bollywood has seen many talented actors come into fame in these recent years. Among these, there is one name that stands out. The Notorious Ranveer Singh. Right from his first movie Baand Baaja Baaraat, he had the masses talking. A gift that kept on giving with back to back incredible performances in his movies.

Ranveer Singh took us down the memory lane by sharing the following selfies on Instagram.

The most challenging role he has ever played- Allaudin Khilji

Friendly Neighborhood Cop – Sangram Bhalerao Singham

Straight from the streets of Mumbai – Gully Boy Murad

The Maratha warrior – Peshwa Bajirao

The handsome Gunda- Bikram

The sexy buoy- Ram

There’s a new Chaplin in Town- Jaali Chaplin

Nailing the french beard look- Giddy Gabo

Dream guy of every Gujarati girl- Handsome Laddu

Just Ranveer trying to look unattractive.

Be it his dressing sense or the antics that he does on sets, Ranveer is always the talk of the town. Seriously, is there any role he can’t fit into?