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Unknown and Amazing Facts About Suresh Raina!

Unknown and Amazing Facts About Suresh Raina! November 27, 2019Leave a comment

Here are some amazing and unknown facts about the Indian cricketer, Suresh Raina. He was also once a Skipper, used to sleep on his hostel floor! Like others, this iconic player also faced challenges to see the peak of success.

Raina faced jealousy from his teammates!

Suresh Raina was firm in his decision to play cricket for the country at a tender age of 14. He became a part of Specialist Government Sports College.  His teammates were envious of him as he received colossal attention from his coaches.

His life changed when Suresh Raina received a call to play cricket for Air India. It was an event which lifted the coarse of his career. For this mega event, Raina had received a prize of Rs10,000. 

Displayed great knocks in U-19 World Cup

After Suresh Raina’s selection in the U-19 World Cup, he displayed great knocks. He made his debut against Sri Lanka in 2005. However, it was unfortunate since he was dismissed for a duck.

Suresh Raina played some fabulous and match-winning innings for India. The victories include 120 against Sri Lanka and 101* against South Africa both in 2010. In the absence of Dhoni, he was the best fit choice to be a captain. And India made her way to the victory under his captaincy. 


Raina’s name was rumored with Shruti Hasan!

Suresh Raina was rumored to be with the actress Shruti Hasan in the past and with Poorna Patel as well. But finally, the software engineer cum banker Priyanka Chaudhary was where Suresh Raina found his heart’s place right!