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India vs Pakistan: Facts You Didn’t Know about the Hottest Match of World Cup 2019!

India vs Pakistan: Facts You Didn’t Know about the Hottest Match of World Cup 2019! June 14, 2019Leave a comment

10 countries, 150 players, one winner. That’s ICC World Cup 2019. One of the most anticipated and enthusiastically followed matches of the tournament is the India-Pakistan game on June 16. The two countries have not played each other outside of major tournaments since 2013, and there hasn’t been a test series between them since 2008. Here are a few interesting facts about this match:

Tickets Sold Out in Just 48 Hours:

The game will be played at the Old Trafford cricket ground in Manchester, England. All the 26,000 tickets were sold just within 48 hours, and more than 5,00,000 people requested organisers for additional tickets. Around two-thirds of the tickets have been allocated to Indian supporters, while Pakistani fans hold around 18 percent seats.

Costliest Tickets of the Tournament:

When they were originally available, the highest priced adult Platinum ticket would cost $300. But soon, about a week before the match, they were available for resale for a hefty price tag of $6,000. That makes these tickets costlier than those of the World Cup Final.

An Entire Sub-continent Will Be the Audience:

India and Pakistan have faced each other six times in previous Cricket World Cups. India won each time. The last WC match between the two countries took place in 2015, and with more than a billion viewers, it was the most watched cricket match in world history. 2019’s match is expected to surpass this number.

India is a country where people follow cricket like a religion. They often make ‘Gods’ out of players, and also don’t hesitate to show an ugly face if the gods don’t perform well. That, added to the rivalry with Pakistan, makes India vs Pakistan the hottest match in ICC World Cup 2019!