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Dhoni seen closing the button of wife’s shirt, see pictures

Dhoni Was Seen Closing Her Wife's Shirt Button, Pictures are Going Viral!

Dhoni seen closing the button of wife’s shirt, see pictures February 2, 2020Leave a comment

The Indian team is currently playing a series in New Zealand, while Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has been out of the Indian team for the last several months, is walking in the park with his beautiful wife Sakshi pictures are becoming increasingly viral on social media.


Actually, you would know that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has not been playing for the Indian team since the semi-final match of the World Cup 2019. In such a situation, Dhoni is spending a lot of time with his family members after being out of the Indian team. Recently some pictures of Dhoni and his wife Sakshi are going viral on social media in which both of them are seen walking in the park of Madhya Pradesh.


A beautiful picture of Dhoni and Sakshi is going viral on social media, in which Mahendra Singh Dhoni is seen closing the buttons on his wife Sakshi’s shirt. This picture of Dhoni and Sakshi is very much liked among the people.


Mahinder Singh Dhoni married his wife Sakshi in 2010. Now even after 10 years of marriage, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is loving his wife Sakshi more than ever, which is clearly seen in this beautiful picture between the two.