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Ironic! We fought them, But Say thanks to the British for leaving behind these 5 things

Ironic! We fought them, But Say thanks to the British for leaving behind these 5 things April 25, 2019Leave a comment

The British ruled us Indians for more than 100 years. The India prior to Independence was very different, however owing to our forefathers, we put up a good fight to ensure we got the Freedom we deserved.

But there are a few things that the British were good at and we owe them a Thank you for bringing it to our land.

Here are the TOP 5 ‘Brit’ things and ideas that Indians love and should thank them for:

1) CRICKET – Yes, Cricket. The British played cricket even before they colonised India. The power of Cricket is such, that it brings the entire nation together. And for this unity atleast, we can thank the British for sure.

Once the British rule began, they further enhanced the game and taught us Indians to play.

2) Architectural Greatness – The Architectural genius, that the British architects had was quite amazing. Why do we say so ? Just look at Howrah Bridge in Kolkata or Parliament House in New Delhi. Even the bridges they built were sheer genius.

3) Development of Education System – The Britishers built many prestigious schools and universities during their rule. They introduced the Macaulay system of education which was a structured syllabus. Ironically, Indians learnt the term ‘ Democracy’ from the British themselves.

4) Railways – Railways are the Lifeline of Indian Travel and Tourism. And we owe that “Thank you” to the British. The first passenger engine was launched from Mumbai to Thane in the year 1853. No Indian can imagine his/her life without Railways.

5) The Language – ENGLISH : Is there any argument about this ? The biggest gift British gave to India was the gift of a Language. This is why India is the 2nd Largest English speaking nation in Asia and the English is not an American or Australian accent, but very British and clear.

Few other things that also British gave us were Tea, which they first imported from China here. Infrastructure as well as the roads and bridges they built are amazingly well maintained even today.

So think out-of-the-box and don’t just see one side of the coin, give credit to your enemy and Thank them for what they teach you as well.