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5 Reasons why MS Dhoni should Stay in the Indian Cricket Team

5 Reasons why MS Dhoni should Stay in the Indian Cricket Team July 20, 2019Leave a comment
MS Dhoni Retirement

One of the best in business Mahendra Singh Dhoni has received the flak lately because of his batting approach. It is quite evident with his performances that age is getting onto him. But is it time to give up his Cricketing career and Retire?

Some may agree with this and many may not. There’s a lot MSD can contribute to the Indian Cricket Team and here are a few reasons on why he should Stay.


1- Senior Most Experienced Player:

Experience is an essential necessity in every sport. Being the senior-most player in the current Indian team his inputs on how to approach the game is very valuable.


2- Grooming youngsters:

His experience also comes handy in grooming the young players in India. We have often seen Dhoni giving valuable inputs to youngsters which increase their confidence as well.


3- Mentor To Virat Kohli:

Virat has often said that Dhoni is the best captain he has played under and he still has a lot to learn from him. During difficult situations in a game, we have always seen Virat taking advice from Dhoni and make changes accordingly.


4- Calculative Batting Approach:

MS Dhoni may not be the same finisher as we know as he plays with a more calculative approach now. He takes the game slowly at first and decides which bowler to target and when. The partner, on the other hand, gets a bit more freedom to go for it.


5- No proper replacement found yet.

Though Rishabh Pant is the most likely replacement for MSD, his mistakes in the World Cup Semi-Final is proof that he is not quite ready to take over and requires some time. Also, MSD as a Wicket-keeper has an exceptional record and it will be hard to fill in his shoes.


Whether Dhoni retires or continues, one thing is for sure that we may never see a player like him and he has definitely made this Country proud.